Do you dream of being free of the 9-5?

If you dream of leaving the grind of the 9-5 and you have significant funds in your retirement accounts, then you’re in the right place.

72tNET is here to inspire, teach and support you so you can plan to break out of the need for a 9-5 income and do what you love to make the world a better place.

You can legally access the funds in your retirement accounts as an income stream, without penalties. 72tNET is for those who want to build their knowledge and confidence before taking the plunge into early retirement.

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Can I access my retirement funds before 59?

Yes! Through 72tNET we will show you how. With blog articles, suggested reading (including The Beginners Guide to SEPPs book (coming soon), and knowledge base articles on related topics.

72tNet is a place where, through our discussion forum, you can ask questions specific to your individual situation and receive answers back from experts in the tax and legal fields, as well as the community at large.

72tNET is a place where you can find tools and templates to help you build your retirement plan, which you can then take to your accountant and financial advisor for discussion.

72tNET is a place where you can learn about NextGen Retirement solutions and alternative investments such as self-directed retirement accounts and benefiting from debt in retirement (coming soon).

What Do You Need Help With?

Most new readers to 72tNET come with the dream of passive income from their retirement accounts but also with lots of questions and more than a few apprehensions. To make it easy for new members to navigate the 72tNET website, we’ve organized the site into 5 sections to help you find the content you need.

I need help with:

  1. Understanding the basics of IRC Section 72t.  For those new to the concept of early distributions from retirement accounts, our Library stores books that will give you a clear grasp of the finer points of Section 72t. Easy to digest blog articles will introduce you to the terminology and educate you on the methods of taking early distributions from your retirement accounts.
  2. Seeing examples of situations similar to mine. Search our Knowledge Base built from forum posts over the last 18 years. Over 4,000 unique questions from our members have been answered.
  3. Getting answers about my personal situation. Post a question to the Discussion Forum if you still have questions after catching up on the basics. You will receive answers from other members who have experience and/or expertise in the field, typically within one day.
  4. Finding learning resources. For in-depth knowledge or reference materials to support your early distribution plan, the Library contains links to helpful websites as well as book and product reviews.
  5. Calculate my SEPP distribution. The Calculators section has resources to help you calculate your initial SEPP distribution amounts and verify if your plan can meet your needs.
  6. Finding tried and true templates. The Templates section is for when you are ready to document your plan, so you can present it to accounting and financial professionals.
  7. Learning new terms. The Glossary is available for quick lookups in case you find a particular word or phrase you’re unfamiliar with.

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