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You are here because you have a dream of retiring early and living life on your terms. Retiring early is exciting and achievable using passive income from your retirement accounts. Before you begin though, you probably have questions and more than a few apprehensions about the strangely named 72t tax law. is a place where you can learn about 72t distributions through our knowledge base Q&A as well as other resources, tools and books. In our discussion Forum, you can ask questions specific to your individual situation and receive answers back from the community. is a place where you can find helpful calculators and templates to help you build your SEPP retirement plan, which you can then discuss with your tax and financial professionals.

To make it easy for new members to navigate the website, we’ve organized the site into these sections to help you find what you need.

Understanding the basics. For those new to the concept of 72t distributions from retirement accounts, start with our SEPP Planning Pointers. This comprehensive list of tips and tricks has been curated over 18 years and will help you to begin planning early distributions from your retirement accounts.

Seeing examples of situations similar to mine. Wade through our Q&A Knowledge Base built from articles and forum posts over the last 18 years. Over 4,000 unique questions from our members have been answered over the years.

Getting answers about your personal situation. Post a question to the Discussion Forum if you still have questions AFTER catching up on the basics. You will receive answers from other members who have experience and/or expertise in the field, typically within one day. When submitting a question to the Forum please: do your homework before posting a question, use the “How to create a new Forum post” template to make sure you enter all relevant information, and double check your answers to make sure your information is correct so you may be sure to get the most accurate answer.

Calculating your SEPP distribution. The Tools and Resources menu has three calculators: the SEPP Distribution Calculator, the Minimum Balance Calculator, and the First Modification Date Calculator, as well as other resources to help you determine your SEPP distribution amounts and verify if your plan can meet your needs.

Finding tried and true templates. The Templates section is for when you are ready to document your plan, so you can present it to tax and financial professionals.

Learning new terms. The Glossary is available for quick lookups in case you find a particular word or phrase you’re unfamiliar with.