The 72tNET website offers three calculators to help you develop your 72t SEPP plan. These calculators are simple to use but require you to do a little homework before using them accurately. Please review the resources on this website, such as the SEPP Planning Pointers, IRS Resources, Glossary, and Applicable Federal Rate table, to understand the terms and make the appropriate choices for your 72t SEPP Plan.

SEPP Distribution Calculator

The SEPP Distribution calculator helps you determine the amount you can withdraw annually from your retirement account(s).

Minimum Balance Calculator

The Minimum Balance calculator is exclusive to 72tNET and helps you calculate the initial balance you should have in your SEPP retirement account(s) so you can withdraw the exact annual distribution amount you need.

First Modification Date Calculator

Also exclusive to 72tNET, the First Modification Date calculator determines the date at which you will have fulfilled your SEPP obligation and can modify your distribution payment amounts. After this date you are free to take any distribution amount you want.