SEPP Distribution Calculator

When planning your SEPP Distribution Plan, use this calculator to find the amount you can withdraw annually from your retirement account(s). You will use either the Minimum Distribution Method, Amortization Method or the Annuitization Method* in your SEPP Distribution Plan.

INSTRUCTIONS: In the top section of the form, enter the balance in all retirement accounts you plan to include in your SEPP Distribution Plan. Then enter the AFR you expect to use, and the distribution factor based on your current age from the life expectancy table you selected (e.g. single life, joint life, uniform). The life expectancy tables are in the current year’s version of IRS Publication 590-b, a link to which can be found in the IRS Publications and Forms page.

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*Note: The Annuitization Method requires additional programming and is not calculated in this version of the SEPP Calculator. The Annuitization Method usually produces a result close to but slightly smaller than the Amortization Method. If you want to calculate your distribution under the Annuitization Method, try one or more of the online calculators using the link above. If you desire this feature to be added to a future version of the SEPP Distribution Calculator, please submit a request using the Suggestions form.