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L1: 1099-RBox 2a in my 1099-R is blank for tax year 2009. For tax years 2006, 2007, and 2008 the amount in box 2a was the same amount as reported in box 1. Box 2b has been checked in all 4 years, and box 7 has always been marked “2”. I’ve always had 10% withheld from my gross distribution. Turbo Tax is not considering the distribution taxable since box 2a is blank. My payer isn’t answering why the change. Any ideas as to how I should proceed with my taxes?2010-02-19 15:28, By: ayrshires, IP: []
L2: 1099-RWhat code is in box 7 and what is your age?2010-02-19 15:56, By: meb24, IP: []

L3: 1099-RBox 7 has always been marked “2”, I am 58 years old2010-02-19 17:24, By: ayrshires, IP: []

L2: 1099-RJust as with the 1 or 2 codings on form 5329, some payors are reluctant to enter anything in box 2a. Blank does not mean -0-. Unless you have a special situation, such as non-deductible IRA contributions at some time, enter the same amount into your tax software.2010-02-19 16:52, By: dlzallestaxes, IP: []

L3: 1099-RThanks for your input2010-02-19 17:30, By: ayrshires, IP: []

L4: 1099-RThe box 2a dilemma is caused by changing IRS instructions over the last couple years. IRA custodians have no idea how much of a distribution is taxable. A couple years ago the IRS thought that too many people were underreporting the taxable amount so they told custodians to enter the same figure as Box 1. That would have been correct in most cases, but overstated in many others.That must have caused complaints because now they have changed it again to leave 2a blank for IRA distributions. Because too many people have not handled their non deductible contributions properly, there will be errors no matter what the IRS directs for Box 2a.2010-02-20 04:02, By: Alan S., IP: []

L5: 1099-RBy the way, the instructions (for 2010) have changed again, back to what it was before 2009. The same amount reported in Box 1 is reported in Box 2a ( unless the listed exceptions apply). Box 2b is checked.2010-03-31 21:47, By: Denise Appleby, IP: []