Small Rollover BEFORE starting SEPP

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L1: Small Rollover BEFORE starting SEPPIn Feb. of last year I had a small rollover to my existing IRA. A few months later I decided to start a SEPP, with the first payment made in May of 2011. I was told that I could not add to my IRA AFTER starting mySEPP…the addition was a few months before I started the SEPP but in the same year…am I ok? Thanks, Joe.2012-05-22 21:08, By: joerosh, IP: []
L2: Small Rollover BEFORE starting SEPPYes, you are OK as long as the account balance you used for your SEPP calculations was for a date after the rollover was reflected in the IRA balance.
Putting this another way, there can be no addition or distribution from the IRA used for the SEPP between the date you elect for your account balance and your first SEPP distribution.2012-05-22 22:47, By: Alan S., IP: []