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L1: Relaunch of Website
Hi everyone,
I am in the process of relaunching content from the 72t website at 72tnet com.
The site will be active after May 1, 2019. If you want to stay informed on the progress of the relaunch, or if you are interested in helping with the development, forum moderation, contributing blog articles, or participating in any other way, please use the contact form in the new site.
Thank you Gordon for starting the 72t website over 18 years ago. It has been an invaluable resource to all of us and I hope as a community we can continue to live up to the high standard you have set.
2019-04-27 17:21, By: TracyM, IP: [2601:44:4200:4d12:4d0a:a80b:85b4:4806]

L2: Relaunch of Website
Thank you Gordon and Tracy. Good luck Tracy. As I posted, I just started year one of my 72t recently, I feel confident from this website that I started correctly and am set for a few years. However, what should I consider next? My budget is very tight, and I actually stopped working about 5 years ago from some health issues, aging, and job burnout, so I could not wait. As a friendly helpful suggestion, you might want to send a message to the top ten or so F.I.R.E. bloggers, and also keep in mind people are more concerned with identity theft and technology security these days? Everyone good luck and have a good day!
2019-04-27 23:32, By: Alpha1978, IP: []

L3: Relaunch of Website
You might be eligible for some supplemental, non-SEPP 72-T distributions, for other exceptions, in addition to your SEPP 72-T distributions.
If you want to discuss this, post under a different subject line ASAP before this website shuts down on 5/1.
2019-04-28 04:53, By: dlzallestaxes, IP: []

L3: Relaunch of Website
Great suggestions Alpha1978, thanks for the input and please send more as you think of them. You can submit them as new comments on the 72tnet dot com website.
2019-04-28 15:40, By: TracyM, IP: [2601:44:4200:4d12:39d9:d0f4:3579:dca2]