2010 roth converion using SEPP of 2010

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L1: 2010 roth converion using SEPP of 2010OK sorry for the spelling. Example: $100,000 Equal Distribtions 60 me 40 spouse My (1959)balance upfrom original start of SEPP 3 yrs ago 11 years to go ($1M) spouse (1953)balance in line with draw down started 4 yrs ago with 4 years remaining ($450,000). Dont need the money to live on or pay taxes, just trying to draw down IRA savings to reduce retirement income and Soc Sec limits triggeredtaxes in future years. the example was take the 2010 distribution and convert this to Roth IRAs in 2010. Can I afford(the taxes)to convert more? yes. I started a Roth years ago but cashed it out because it was small and td waterhouse instituted onerous fees to maintain. After that the income limits prevented me from startingone back up. My understanding was I needed earned income to open a Roth after I quit working so the strategy has been to draw down pretax savings prior to Soc Sec years. While it may be increasingly dificult to avoid future taxesI would like to try my best to starve the Beast. I have depreciated real estate to sell in the next few years and need to manage/plan my income accordingly. Hope this provides infoneeded to work through this subject and thanks for your input. Most of these issues get thorny do to the darkness of the SEPP realm, this site is a freshing ray of sunlight as trust what read here more than most other sources.2009-10-19 15:00, By: stump, IP: []