AUG2017 120 mid term rate

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L1: AUG2017 120 mid term rateWhy haven’t I seen the AUG2017 120% mid-term interest rate yet? I may be just missing where it has been updated, but I don’t see it yet and I thought it is usually sent out around the 20th-23rd of a month. Also, love your information and advice! Thanks.2017-07-27 19:57, By: MIKEB, IP: []
L2: AUG2017 120 mid term rateIt is 2.34. Up a bit.2017-07-27 20:47, By: Jedischultz, IP: []

L3: AUG2017 120 mid term rateThanks for the reminder… August rate now available in the calculators.2017-07-27 21:35, By: Gfw, IP: []