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L1: change to RMDStarted 72t Jan. of 02. Either amortization or annuitize method,not sure. Jan of 09,changed to RMD method under Rule 2002-62 that allows irrevocable one time switch to RMD. Am I OK?, or do I need to take the normal distribution before end of year?2009-11-05 20:44, By: Bill, IP: []
L2: change to RMDSorry. Insufficient information. The plan can end after the later of 5 years or age 59.5 – you give no indication of your age or when you will return are 59.5 – try the last payment date calculator – it should answeryour question.2009-11-05 23:30, By: Gfw, IP: []

L3: change to RMD57 years old now2009-11-06 02:36, By: Bill, IP: []

L4: change to RMDAs long as you did your RMD calculations correctly, you should be OK. But you might be wise to check them over one more time to make sure that you take the correct amount out for the entire 2009 calendar year. Then you repeat the RMD calculation again for your remaining calendar years of your plan.Since your account balance may have recovered somewhat from when you made your original decision to switch to RMD, you may be more confident now that future corrections in the markets won’t leave you with an inadequate distribution amount using the RMD method. After year end you will be locked into that method.2009-11-06 02:49, By: Alan S., IP: []