Retirement rollovers?

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L1: Retirement rollovers?What an awesome website! I’ve known about 72t for some time now, but never found any information or real understanding until now.Being 50 years old this year, and becoming eligible for my Carpenterspension I’m really interested in this subject. My question is this:The Carpenters Annuity Trust Fund is a supplement to my pension. I also have an E-Trade IRA. I wanted to roll my Carpenter annuity into my E-Trade account, so I can buy individual tickers, and not just mutual funds.The plan isto continue working as long as I can, but have a plan in place when the time comes. I don’t fully understand what this annuity is? They call it a defined contribution pension plan. Any idea’s will be greatly appriciated.2010-01-18 15:27, By: MrWillys, IP: []
L2: Retirement rollovers?Start by talkingto your Plan Administrator, but my guess is that if is is a defined contribution pension plan that it also prohibits any in-service distributions. In-service distributions would be those distributions that occur prior to your actual termination of employment.2010-01-18 16:05, By: gfw, IP: []

L3: Retirement rollovers?I’m aware of the seperation issue. I was more interested if there was a problem of just rolling it into a traditional IRA?Thank you!2010-01-18 23:58, By: MrWillys, IP: []

L4: Retirement rollovers?If you terminate your employment/union membershipthey will probably let you roll it over, if you continue your employment/union membership, they will probably not let you roll it over. It isn’t your choice, its their choice- youneed to talk to your Plan Administrator. 2010-01-19 00:06, By: Gfw, IP: []