72Q rules with section 1035a exchange

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L1: 72Q rules with section 1035a exchangeI have a non qualified annuity and started taking 72Q distributions with Annuity Company A at age 49. When the company became uncompetitive I Section 1035a exchanged to Annuity Company B and started taking the samescheduled distributions as Annuity Company A. Did I break my 72Q rules by changing companies?2009-10-24 00:23, By: Bulldog, IP: []
L2: 72Q rules with section 1035a exchangeThis should not present a problem as long as everything else is in compliance. Your total distribution for the year must continue to be the same if you are using a fixed dollar calculation methodand the two 1099R forms need to add up to the exact annual distribution required by your plan. You will probably need to file a 5329 to show the SEPP penalty exception.The 1099R should not reflect the exchange itself unless something abnormal occurred or you did a partial exchange. 2009-10-24 02:37, By: Alan S., IP: []