December SEPP Rate

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L1: December SEPP RateDecember, 2017… 120% Mid-Term = 2.54%, Applicable Federal Rates for 72(t) and 72(q) distributions. ClickHERE2017-11-19 09:35, By: Gfw, IP: []
L2: December SEPP RateIf I am planning to make quarterly SEPP distributions, do I have to use the quarterly MidTerm AFR rate? Will it be acceptable to use the annual rate?2017-11-28 00:13, By: BurntOut, IP: []

L3: December SEPP RateYes, you can and should use the annual rate. In addition, you can take your distributions using any pattern any change the pattern at anytime. All that matters is that your total annual distribution total is correct as reported on Form 1099R.2017-11-29 02:21, By: Alan S, IP: []