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L1: one time 72t changeI have an existing SEPP. Started 7/9/2010. My date of birth is April 1955. Wondering if I can do a one time reduction in 2014. If so, could you tell me guidelines or, doesthe one time change only apply after the 5 year and age 59 and half combined?
Also, wanted to confirm my End date. Would it be 7/8/2015?2014-01-02 04:01, By: CAH, IP: []

L2: one time 72t changeThe 5 year pperiod would end on 07/09/2010 with the firat modification date on 07/10/2015 – check out our First Modification Date calculator.
Any SEPP Plan is allowed to use the one-time-change rule. However, it can get very complicated if you are using a 5-year plan and you are taking other than annual distributions. If the change is made in 2014, and you are taking annual distribuitions on 07/08 of each on the subsequent years, you shouuld be ok. 2014-01-02 09:43, By: Gfw, IP: []