Withdrawl changes after 5 years

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L1: Withdrawl changes after 5 yearsI plan to start a SEEP at 55 and recognize the payments must remain the same for 5 years. I’ve read that the payments can be changed at the end of the 5 years or even stopped. My question is – can the withdrawl amount be changed multiple times after the five year period, i.e., up or down from year to year?2009-03-07 03:40, By: jimmul, IP: []
L2: Withdrawl changes after 5 yearsJimmul,
Once you have crossed the “finish line” for a 72T (SEPP), which is when you are over 59 1/2 yrs oldAND have taken at least five years of consecutive payments, (in your case you will be about 60 yrs old when you are finished in order to fulfill the 5 year part) you can take nothing, or any amount you want each year, in any frequency, until the year when you are 701/2 -when new rules apply for taking minimum withdrawals each year. Use the “First modification date” calculator on this site to compute when your plan would end. After that date, you can taken more or less. If you take the SEPPin five annual payments, the 5th one would be taken on the first day of the fifth year, so you would have to wait another 364 days before altering the plan, or taking any moremoney, as you can see by using the calculator. Ken2009-03-07 04:34, By: Ken, IP: []