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L1: Post 72t
Started Plan in 2010
First Distribution 10 March 2010
DOB 1-12-59
I have it arranged to take all of my 2018 distributions prior to my first day that I can “adjust” my distributions which I believe is 13 July 2018.
That being said I have four (4) separate IRA’s that I have been receiving systematic withdrawls from.
My question is, once the 13 July 2018 date is passed is there any rule/law which will prevent me from combining these four (4) IRA’s into one account so that I can increase the purchase power of the interest income/dividends? Thank you.
2018-02-25 11:22, By: johnny g, IP: []

L2: Post 72t
No problem combining them after your plan ends on 7/12. Be sure to use direct transfers because you cannot do more than one indirect rollover within a 12 month period.
2018-02-25 19:11, By: Alan S, IP: []

L3: Post 72t
To clarify Alan’s response, you can use only 1 “ROLLOVER” from all of your IRA’s or into any one IRA during any 365 day period (not calendar year). That is why we always recommend doing “electronic trustee-to-trustee TRANSFERS” because you can do an unlimited number of those.
Many people mistakenly think that they can do one “rollover” from each IRA account, but that is not the case.
Part of the misunderstanding is caused by the IRS calling both of these transactions “ROLLOVERS”, rather than using different terminology. The IRS even uses the wrong words interchangeably in their publications and instructions, and on the reverse side of form 1099-R where the codes for IRA (and pension) distributions are indicated.
2018-02-25 19:34, By: DLZALLESTAXES, IP: []

L4: Post 72t
Thank you for all
2018-02-26 13:40, By: Johnny G, IP: []

L3: Post 72t
Thank you Alan for all
2018-02-26 13:39, By: Johnny G, IP: []