IRA Contribution after 59.5 and 5 years

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L1: IRA Contribution after 59.5 and 5 yearsI was 59.5 in November 2010 and had satisfied the 5 year 72t rule. My question is can I add money to my 72t IRA for 2010 as long as it’s added after November 2010? Or would it be better to add IRA money to a different IRA that had no association with the 72T? Don’t want to raise any issues with IRS or bust my plan in it’s last year.

2011-02-25 20:14, By: Joe, IP: []

L2: IRA Contribution after 59.5 and 5 yearsIf you are positive that your modification date has passed, you could make a contribution to the IRA. But you may have to document to the IRS the date you made that contribution, and that could draw IRS attention to your entire plan. Why risk it since it is so easy to contribute to a different IRA or open a new one?After a year you can transfer the new one into the former 72t plan IRA if you wish.2011-02-26 02:42, By: Alan S., IP: []

L3: IRA Contribution after 59.5 and 5 yearsOr transfer the former SEPP 72-T IRA into your new IRA account that you set up.2011-02-26 18:34, By: dlzallestaxes, IP: []