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L1: earliest possible modification datedob 06/13/1953
original sepp start date 08/13/2010
monthly withdrawals (5years x 12 )
Am I correct I can modify/terminate my sepp on 08/14/2015
as the earliest legal date to avoid a penalty?
Fidelity will not give a straight answer and has put a lot of
doubt in my mind.
The calculator says I will be ok, but at7000/month withdrawals
over 5 years I really want to be sure.
Thanks2015-08-14 16:07, By: retiredguy, IP: []

L2: earliest possible modification dateThis is not the first posting indicating that Fidelity may not understand the regulations concerning SEPP 72-T plans.
You are now 72, and have had the plan for more than 60 months, and taken 5 years worth of distributions.
Your plan terminated automatically yesterday. You can take any amount from -0- up to the full balance in your related IRA account(s).
Maybe you should see if Fidelity will hire you since you apparently understand these plans better than they do.2015-08-14 20:20, By: dlzallestaxes, IP: []

L3: earliest possible modification dateThanks for the quick reply
hopefully I AM STILL 62 YEARS OLD not 72 as you mentioned.
otherwise I just busted another IRS rule for mandatory RMD.
🙂 :)2015-08-14 21:15, By: retiredguy, IP: []

L2: earliest possible modification dateYes, your July distribution was the 60th and final monthly distribution for your plan. As of today you can take as much or as little as you wish from the IRA as your plan has ended.2015-08-14 20:25, By: Alan S, IP: []