Timing of Distributions

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L1: Timing of DistributionsI tookmy first annual distribution last October, when I was 51. Now I’m 52. Do I have to wait till the one-year anniversary of the first annual distributionbefore I cantake the second? Or can I take it anytime this year, since it’s now the second calendar year? 2010-01-25 13:22, By: Dave, IP: []
L2: Timing of DistributionsDave,You can take this year’s at any time in 2010. I would caution you, especially if you took a full annual distribution in OCT 09 and are already looking for more money, that taking the next annual payment 3 months later will leave you with a requirement of waiting at least 12 months (Jan 2011) to get the next one. This can cause serious budgeting problems when the latest payout has been spent and there are several months to go. You would be much better off asking your administrator to start giving you automatic monthly payments, which are a lot like getting a paycheck, in terms of the steady cash flow. You can ask for them to initially give you 2 month’s worth in early FEB, (see other recent posts about advantage of getting “paid” around the 5th of each month) and then have them give you one per month, starting in early March.This will also leavea majority of the taxes you will have withheld in an early Annual payment available as invested dollars for longer in this year before they are taken out. I used to have QTRLY pmnts, and after a year of that, I switched to monthly and would never have it another way. Good luck. KEN2010-01-25 15:08, By: Ken, IP: []