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L1: form 5329I file using Turbo tax and like all other institutions Vanguard will not give me a 1099-R with a code 2. Last year i forgot to send a 5329 and had to amend my tax return using the 5329. My problem is I can’t see a way using Turbo Tax that lets me fill out a 5329. Can anyone help!!!!2011-03-05 22:48, By: Moose, IP: []
L2: form 5329I used turbotax and you are right it is not self-evident. However all the complete the required information with respect to receiving an IRA distribution and you will be ( finally ) asked for any exception and thats when the 5329 will automatically be completed.2011-03-05 23:33, By: Tony, IP: []

L2: form 53291099-R’s are entered in the Wage & Income section under Retirement Plans and Social Security. When you complete your 1099-R with a code of 1, TurboTax will let you know that you may be subject to the 10% penalty. After you finish the Deductions & Credits section, TurboTax will come back and ask you if you had any exceptions to the 10% penalty. Alternatively, you can go into Forms view, click on Open Form and add the 5329 yourself (5329-T for taxpayer and/or 5329-S for spouse.) Hope that helps.2011-03-06 00:42, By: knupug, IP: []

L3: form 5329I have been using H&R Block at Home for 5 years now. Formerly it was called TaxCut, when you make your entries for your retirement income, and if you make them right, the software will automatically print our you 5329. I have been in a SEEP for 3 years so far, and have not had any problems yet with the software. Take care, Chris.2011-03-06 13:23, By: Chris, IP: []