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L1: Roll over 401KI’m 54 birthdate is 12/01/60 retired and currently have a TSP account with govt taking distributions under 72T rules which began on 12/15/13. I would like to roll the account over to a brokerage account where I can buy invividual stocks. I would restart the withdrawals using the 72T rules. Will transferring the account trigger a penality even though I would restart the 72T withdrawal at the brokerage firm?2015-01-25 21:14, By: skidog, IP: []
L2: Roll over 401KThe transfer of your 72t account to a different type of retirement plan will bust the plan. You would owe retroactive penalty and interest on the 72t distributions you took from the TSP and would have to start a new plan from your IRA. Many people are envious of the rock bottom TSP expense ratios and would not consider moving their funds out of the TSP.2015-01-25 22:18, By: Alan S, IP: []