Final SEPP year distribution – ?s/confirmation

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L1: Final SEPP year distribution – ?s/confirmation Dob: 12/02/56
First SEPP/72t distribution: 7/14/2006
I have been receiving monthly distributions since 2006. The first year was a partial. (Jul-Dec) If I am understanding what I have read in similar posts I have the option of taking the full annual amount in 2016 or continue monthly payments through May or June. Just a little unsure and it would be helpful to take the full annual amount in early Jan 2016 if allowed. Thanks
2015-12-29 16:13, By: Serenity , IP: []

L2: Final SEPP year distribution – ?s/confirmation Your plan modification date is 6/3/2016. Prior to that date you have 3 options – take no distributions, take a full annual distribution, or take out 5 monthly distributions. Therefore, you can take out a full annual distribution next week if you want to. After 6/2 your plan has ended and you have complete freedom with respect to IRA distributions. Note that if you take a distribution prior to 6/2 and also take a distribution on 6/2 or later, you will get two 1099R forms because the coding changes to 7 once you reach 59.5.2015-12-29 17:38, By: Alan S, IP: []

L3: Final SEPP year distribution – ?s/confirmation Thank you for the confirmation. This site and forum has been very helpful over the last 10 years. Great guidance and prompt responses. Thinking we are all done now unless something unexpected comes up. Cheers!2015-12-29 17:46, By: Serenity, IP: []