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L1: irs auditsDo people experience IRS audits on their SEPP? My wife started an early withdrawl plan in 2003 at age 50 (Vanguard). In 2006 we were audited for the Year 2004 when Vanguard stopped including code 02 ih their 1099R. We submitted theCPA calculations, Vanguard amortization application, etc. 1/2 inch thick ofdocuments and IRS agreed.
Now, in 2009, she is been audited again for Year 2007. I plann to call them tomorrow. Why doesnt IRS keepinformaiton in their files?
Once we solve this quandry..shouldwe submit this documentation each year or wait for them to audit me next time again?2009-05-10 17:53, By: gallo146, IP: []

L2: irs auditsIf you have an acountant, he can call IRS Practitioner Priority Services, and probably get it resolved in a few minutes ( if he has you sign an IRS 2848 Power of Attorney form).2009-05-10 18:15, By: dlzallestaxes, IP: []