sepp for 72t and 72q

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L1: sepp for 72t and 72qWhen calculating a monthly SEPP amount, canI use an account balance that includesboth a qualified401k account (after employer separation)and a separate nonqualified annuity account or dothey have to be treated separately.
… and if I can include both these accounts together in the SEPP calculation, can I withdrawthis calculated amount totally from the IRA account only2009-07-30 02:34, By: Mike, IP: []

L2: sepp for 72t and 72qThey must be treated separately. No mixing of qualified and non-qualified money.2009-07-30 10:15, By: Gfw, IP: []

L3: sepp for 72t and 72qIn addition, after checking into any NUA potential for the 401k and also into the age 55 separation penalty waiver if it applies, an IRA direct rollover would be preferable than starting a 72t from a 401k plan. An IRA provides better custodian support in most cases, more flexibility in correcting errors, and better control of your plan.
The NQ annuity would still have to be the source of an independent and totally separate 72q plan from the IRA 72t plan. That means that there is no need to start them at the same time.2009-07-30 18:06, By: Alan S., IP: []