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L1: last year payoutI set up my SEPP with a recalculation date of January 1. I would turn 59 1/2 on May 9 of the last year. Do I have to withdrawal the full amount by May 9 in the last year or could I stick with quarterly withdrawals has I have been?2009-02-09 23:49, By: Jim, IP: []
L2: last year payoutSorry… not enough information. Start with the last payment date calculator and determine whether the 5 years has ended.You will need to enter your date of biirth and the date of the first distribution.2009-02-09 23:57, By: Gfw, IP: []

L3: last year payoutThanks for the reply. The 5 years would be ended, the first payment modification date would be the day after I turn 59 1/2 (May 10). I just don’t know how much I need to withdrawal between January 1 and May 10. Does it have to be the full amount for that year?2009-02-10 02:15, By: Jim, IP: []