Annuity method

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L1: Annuity method
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9/6/18 First distribution
The below statement is off IRS site. I cannot find a mortality table that lists factors or the math to compute. Any help appreciated. Thanks
The age 50 annuity factor (21.345) is calculated based on the Rev. Rul. 2002-62 Appendix B mortality table and an interest rate of 2.98%. The annual distribution amount is calculated as $400,000/21.345 = $18,740.
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L2: Annuity method
The tables were released as part of Rev Rul 2002-62. The tables are the same tables that we have built into our calculators. If you use our calculators and the same assumptions that the IRS used, you will get the same results.
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L3: Annuity method
Thanks. Just try to corroborate the math as warned myriad times throughout the site.
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