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L1: recent change allowing increase?working with an advisor on one of his clients, his is insisting that there has been a change allowing MORE $$ to be paid out; his client received a quote from a credit union which is 40% higher than any information I come up with. Has there been a recent change? the person is 56, single, 200k, CU is saying 14k (or so per yr) is his max2016-07-09 14:25, By: Htowner, IP: []
L2: recent change allowing increase?No changes that I aware of.
To get a payout 40% higher, it almost sounds like they might be using a 5 year payout rather than calculating over life expectancy. If yes, that isn’t one of the 3 acceptable methods.
Can you get more details? Like the assumptions that they are using?2016-07-09 15:19, By: Gfw, IP: []

L3: recent change allowing increase?working on getting the details now, thanks2016-07-09 17:35, By: Htowner, IP: []

L4: recent change allowing increase?I put your limited info into the Calculator on this site.
For simplicity I used the following assumptions because exact data would not account for a 40% difference anyway :
AGE 56 = DOB 7/9/1960
TOTAL IRA $ 200,000
The Calculator shows the following amounts under the 3 methods :
$ 6,986.64 MINIMUM DISTRIBUTION METHOD (which is not what you want)
$ 8,876.20 AMORTIZATION METHOD (which is usually the highest amount)
The Amortization Method is $ 1,890 higher than the Minimum Distribution Method, which is 27%
If I work backwards from your posting, the claimed $ 14,000/year is 40% higher than $10,000/year. But I do not see how anyone could get $ 10,000 under any correct calculation. To get 40% increase over the Minimum Distribution Method, the distribution amount would have to be $ 9,781.30.
Obviously there is some misinformation egulations.or miscommunication between the various parties involved, or the Credit Union person does not understand SEPP 72-T r
2016-07-09 20:52, By: dlzallestaxes, IP: []

L5: recent change allowing increase?Thanks! 2016-07-11 13:50, By: htowner, IP: []