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L1: 2009 RMDSince the RMD (reqd minimum distribution) is waived for 2009, does this apply also to SEPP plans… meaning can those of us with 72t plans skip our withdrawals (or take partial withdrawals) or even replace money already withdrawn in 2009?2009-09-25 15:59, By: sdh, IP: []
L2: 2009 RMDHaving researched this further, I think I can answer my own question… the answer is no. SEPP plans are not included in the RMD waiver. I got this answer from AIG, not the IRS, so if anyone hears different, let us know.2009-09-25 16:22, By: sdh, IP: []

L3: 2009 RMDNo is correct. Here is IRS reference, a copy of Q&A 9in IRS Notice 2009-82:>>>>>>>>>>>

Q-9. Does 401(a)(9)(H) apply to payments that are part of a series of
substantially equal periodic payments under the RMD method۝ (a series of
payments described in Notice 89-25 and Rev. Rul. 2002-62 that are designed to

satisfy the 72(t)(2)(A)(iv) exception to the 10-percent additional tax under
72(t)) so that stopping such payments for 2009 would not be considered a
modification under 72(t)(4)?
A-9. No, 401(a)(9)(H) does not apply to such payments; accordingly, if
they are stopped in 2009 (other than because of death or disability) prior to age
59_ (or prior to 5 years from the date of the first payment), all the payments
made under the series are subject to a recapture tax under 72(t)(4).

2009-09-25 21:54, By: Alan S., IP: []