Changing Financial Advisors

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L1: Changing Financial AdvisorsI am in the process of moving my IRAs from one big institution (very impersonal) to a smaller, less expensive one. I currently have 3 IRAs with #1, have 72t’s on two of them, and have one available for emergency purposes. Learned that from this site 5 years ago. My new company feels there is no reason to continue with two IRAs for the 72t, and wants me to roll them together into one and continue collecting the same amount as I have the last 5 years.Any hazards here ??? Will the IRS consider this a modification and bust my plans ??? Nothing will change except for adding the two accounts together. I will be fine with the amounts until I am 59 1/2 – so am not concerned about the need for two accounts any more.Thank you for helping in the past …2008-12-06 20:40, By: DMA, IP: []
L2: Changing Financial AdvisorsIf two of the IRAs were used to fund the same SEPP plan, then they can be combined. If they are two different SEPP plans, then theymay not be combined.2008-12-07 02:43, By: Gfw, IP: []