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L1: 72t45 yr old . ifI start a 72t distribution how long must i take the distributions? until i reach 59 1/2 or for 5 years?2010-01-15 20:45, By: offmtkpt, IP: []
L2: 72tIn your case, the longer term until 59 1/2. Some people (like myself) start these at an age (56) that is less than 5 years before age 59 1/2,so ours have to run the 5 years, which takes us past 59 1/2, in order to also fulfill the 5 year minimum. Yours has to run much more than 5 years in order to get you past age 59 1/2 requirement.I will also say that you will put a large dent in your retirement if you start a plan that requires you to withdraw from your IRA for the next 14+ years, since you will really still not even be at an early retirement age for Soc Sec for several years after that, andyou may not have a way to refill those IRA savings for your real retirement. Ken2010-01-16 03:48, By: Ken, IP: []