Chances of running out of money during a 72t

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L1: Chances of running out of money during a 72tI’m a newbie here.
Here is my situation:
NEW plan
DOB: 10/24/66
Distribution Date: Planning on 1/1/2017
Assuming that the money allocated to the 72t plan was receiving some nominal rate of return (3% or 4%), it would almost make up the entire yearly payout of the 72t plan, so the question is:
At today’s current 120% of FMR (2.x%), how on earth, barring a complete market meltdown catastrophe apocalypse, could the plan go bust or run out of money?
I came to this conclusion because even if the market had -10% drops for 5 years in a row, the plan would still be solvent because it pays out so little due to the fact that the 120% FMR is so low.
Feel free to knock me down or educate me if my assumptions/though processes are incorrect.
Thanks in advance.2015-02-12 18:09, By: TomP, IP: []

L2: Chances of running out of money during a 72tSEPP 72-T are busted either on purpose by the taxpayer, or inadvertently because he doesn’t understand or follow the rules.
You are correct that rarely will a SEPP 72-T plan run out of money, unless there is a catastrophic decline in the investments. Even if a plan “runs out of money”, I do not believe that this would “bust a plan”.2015-02-12 18:26, By: dlzallestaxes, IP: []