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L1: Need Help Setting up 72tI am getting ready to set up a 72t. Money is rolled over to IRA. I plan on taking an annual distribution this month, November. My birth date is 9/1/60. When I read the following and other sources, looks like I should use the minimum interest rate for September and October, which is 1.99% for September. Looks like this site says I can use maximum of 2.31% for October. Is that correct? I would like to use the 2.31%, but I prefer to be conservative if there are any issues.
Thanks in advance

(c) Interest rates. The interest rate that
may be used is any interest rate that is not
more than 120 percent of the federal
mid-term rate (determined in accordance
with 1274(d) for either of the two months
immediately preceding the month in which
the distribution begins).2013-11-02 20:46, By: spendin72, IP: []

L2: Need Help Setting up 72tRefer to Revenue Ruling 2002-62, Section 2.02(c) Interest rates. You can find it here.
After reading the secion outlined above, merely answer the question… What is the higher of the interest rates for September and October. That is the maximum rate that you can use.
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L3: Need Help Setting up 72tok, thanks for the quick reply2013-11-02 23:14, By: spendin72, IP: []