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L1: Yet another stub year question
First of all, thanks for all the great information!!!
A quick stub year question:
My DOB is 2/3/56, I plan to start my 72T on 8/4/2010 so the end of the 5 year period and my 59.5age both occuron 8/3/2015 and 1st payment mod date is 8/4/2015.
Using monthly distributions and the 60 month rule, my last SEPP payment shouldbe 7/4/2015?
Thanks, Bob.

2008-04-04 12:40, By: Bob_85364, IP: []

L2: Yet another stub year questionBob…
You”ve got it correct as far as I can see. The 60th monthly payment is made on 7/4/2105 (59 months after you got that first payment), and your required five year run (after first payment) ends on 8/3/2015. I would add a few days to the 8/04/2015 first modification date, or at least not ask for another payment until at least 8/04/2015, since you never know if they could misfire and issue that new payment that you request before the 8/4/2015 mod date, but otherwise I think you”ve got it! KEN2008-04-04 15:41, By: Ken, IP: []