59 1/2 SEPP Amount

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L1: 59 1/2 SEPP AmountI”m nearing the end of my SEPP period. I”ll be 59 1/2 in the middle of next year, and I”ve been taking SEPP longer than 5 years. So what is my required SEPP amount for next year? Half of the annual SEPP, zero, the entire annual SEPP amount. What?Thanks…2008-09-17 20:46, By: Sierraman, IP: []
L2: 59 1/2 SEPP AmountAs long as you have distributed an amount equal to 5 annual distributions as of the end of this year, you have a choice of all 3 of the above for 2009andprior to age 59.5. After you reach 59.5, you have unlimited choices.2008-09-18 12:29, By: Alan S., IP: []