Changing accounts within same custodian

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L1: Changing accounts within same custodianI’m 58 1/2 and have 15 months left on my 72t distribution. My 72t distributioncomes out of an managed account that I’m consideringterminating.If I stop the management account I’m going to ask that the positions and any money be placedin an old self-directIRA accountcurrently with a zero balance in it.I will instruct my custodial in writing to take my 72t distribution from this account. Will this be safe to do or is it better to open a new IRA account for the trasnsfer? I’m close to the end and don’t want to mess it up now.2009-10-19 14:54, By: hsfmini, IP: []
L2: Changing accounts within same custodianTo be safe, set up a new IRA accout for the transfer. If the prior self-directed IRA is not part of your ” SEPP 72-T” UNIVERSE used for your calculations, then you C ANNOT transfer the SEPP accounts back to it. If it was part of that universe, you possibly could, but it would be safer to use a separate account for tracking purposes.2009-10-19 16:14, By: dlzallestaxes, IP: []

L3: Changing accounts within same custodianThank you for the advise. The positions in the old account I mentioned were moved to the managed account before the 72t was calculated and started. The old IRA has had a zero balance since that time. If I decide to terminate the managed account I will open a new self directed IRA account as suggested.2009-10-19 16:26, By: hsfmini, IP: []