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L1: Account balance to useHello, and thanks for the valuable info. I realize that one can usea monthly statement account balance for the calc for the SEPP. Reasonable would be maybe the 2 prior months balances that are on the statement. My question is : Can I use a daily account balance which I can print out from my online Schwab account which is in a 2 month period prior to my first SEPP payment? Can I use the highest daily balance to my advantage as long as it is reasonable, ie within a couple months of the first SEPP?? Thanks!!2009-09-13 22:30, By: Theresa M, IP: []
L2: Account balance to useYou should be able to use any statement, any balance… as long as it is a reasonable representation of your actual account balance at the time of the 1st distribution.2009-09-13 23:15, By: Gfw, IP: []