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L1: 5 year requirement
My SEPP started in 2013;
Quarterly distributions taken
1. 2013 (Feb, May, Aug, Nov) – Amortization method
2. 2014(Feb, May, Aug, Nov) – Min Reqd Dist
3. 2015(Feb, May, Aug, Nov) – Min Reqd Dist
4. 2016(Feb, May, Aug, Nov) – Min Reqd Dist
5. 2017(Feb, May, Aug, Nov) – Min Reqd Dist
6. 2018 (Feb, May, Aug) – Min Reqd Dist.
I turned 59.5 in Sept 2018. I have thus taken 69 months of distributions and reached 59.5.
So I stopped my SEPP. Did I do OK by the rules. Only reason I ask is the change in the withdrawal method one year into my SEPP in 2014.
Thanks in advance for your reply.
Thanks in advance
2018-09-13 22:07, By: SA, IP: [2601:246:c200:f327:e1d1:f4fb:d19e:9785]

L2: 5 year requirement
Yes, you are OK as long as your calculations were done correctly, all 6 of them. Your plan has now ended, so you have no further distribution requirements for your IRA. You can take a normal distribution between now and year end if you do not mind receiving two 1099R forms for this year with different codes.
2018-09-13 23:43, By: Alan S, IP: []

L3: 5 year requirement
To clarify Alan’s answer — You are no longer required to take any distribution once you are 59 1/2 and have taken correct distributions for 60 months. After you reached 59 1/2, you can take -0- distribution in the rest of 2018, or up to 100% of your remaining balance in the IRA plan that you used for your SEPP 72-T.
The amount is up to only you. There are no IRS required distributions.
2018-09-14 00:55, By: dlzallestaxes, IP: []

L3: 5 year requirement
Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, the calculations were done properly and I have all necessary statements and documents should that be needed.
2018-09-14 01:44, By: Sa, IP: [2601:246:c200:f327:6c50:cbed:8a5d:c71f]