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First, my proudest accomplishment is that I have been married to the same ‘very good friend’ for 49+ years – thanks Mollie, it required a lot of patience on your part. Before we retired at the end of 2008,  Mollie was a CPA operating as an Accountant at the ‘Earthworm (Caterpillar) Tractor Company’ – she dealt primarily with the controls required to comply with Sarbanes Oxley. 

We also have two wonderful children that have both graduated from college and both earned their Master degree. 

In 2004, my son received his master’s degree from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management changed careers (computers & consulting to finance) and is off to a great start. He is now a vice president of acquisitions for a small cap food company. In September 2008, he got married and we welcomed his wife JoDee to our family and in 2012 we welcomed Bennett into their family. Bennett’s website is at http://brw.yyyz.com/Home.

My daughter is an elementary school teacher – she really loves kids and they return the feelings. After 10 years of teaching in Memphis TN and Columbus OH, she moved to Chicago during the summer of 2009. She found a job teaching in Chicago without much problem and still loves teaching inner city – she changes lives.

I am extremely proud of both of my children – and both are contributing to society – not taking from it. Could you ask for more?

I entered the insurance business in June, 1968 after graduating from the University of North Dakota. After a 2 year military leave of absence (thanks to Uncle Sam), I was relocated in 1970 to Armonk, New York as a Group Sales Representative. In 1976, I learned a little about pensions and became a Pension Sales Manager operating out of Southfield, MI. In 1978, I transitioned to the individual side of the insurance business as an agent and pension consultant. In 1981, I moved to Illinois where I became the Director of Advanced Marketing and Pensions & and part-time personal computer programmer for a Midwest insurance company. 

During my 35+ years in the insurance industry, from the American College I earned both the the Chartered Life Underwriter [CLU] designation in 1975 and the Chartered Financial Consultant [ChFC] designation in 1982. I also earned the Certified Pension Consultant (CPC) designation from the American Society of Pension Actuaries in 1979. Until I voluntarily let them go, I also held the Series 6/63/65 licenses with the National Association of Securities Dealers [NASD].

In the late 60’s when I went to school, you went more to have fun than to learn – I like to say that ‘I had a major in social events and a minor in education’. In those times, I doubt if more than one or two people where I was located (North Dakota) knew what a computer was, much less actually operated one – and the PC was still about 10+ years from it’s birth. I acquired my 1st computer (TRS80, Model-I) in 1980. My love affair with the computer began and the rest is history. 

Until I retired, I spent most of my time playing with my toy computers and the web. I am still the Webmaster at several different web sites. 
I currently only develop and maintain websites that are built using Microsoft’s Asp.Net 4.5. .net Core and the C# language. The sites are powered by Windows 2016 Server and the back end data base is MS SQL 2016 with Linq and SQL as the database access languages.

We initially retired to downtown Chicago. In  2018, we moved to Seabrook Island SC. In 2013, I started a new business which deals with specialized Internet based software for Condominium & Apartment Buildings. 

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