Exhausting 72t funds early

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L1: Exhausting 72t funds earlyWhat are the tax consequences, if any, of running out of funds while on 72t distributions prior to the 5 year rule or age 59 1/2?2008-04-23 14:53, By: matilda, IP: []
L2: Exhausting 72t funds earlyNone. See below, but except for picking some really bad investments, it would be very had to do if distributions were based on one of the 3 acceptable methods.
Rev.Rul. 2..03 Special rules. The special rules described below may be applicable. (a) Complete depletion of assets. If, as a result of following an acceptable method of determining substantially equal periodic payments, an individual”s assets in an individual account plan or an IRA are exhausted, the individual will not be subject to additional income tax under 72(t)(1) as a result of not receiving substantially equal periodic payments and the resulting cessation of payments will not be treated as a modification of the series of payments2008-04-23 15:00, By: Gfw, IP: []