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L1: Annual recalculationIf you have an existing SEPP plan using annual recalculation and the amortization method, which interest rate do you use- the interest rate when the withdrawal is made or when the balance is recalculated? For example if the balance is based on a Dec 31 of the previous year date but the annual withdrawal is made on April 15, do you use Dec of previous year rate of Mar of current year rate. And is it ok to take the actual distribution any time during the current year?
Tim2015-10-08 12:22, By: dqtmg2, IP: []

L2: Annual recalculationWhat did you define as the annual recalculation date when you started the plan? Did you adopt something in writing like we suggest? Something like what we have in our sample form []?2015-10-08 12:28, By: Gfw, IP: []

L3: Annual recalculationThe recalculation date is Jan 1 based on Dec 31 balance. That form was not available when the SEPP was started.2015-10-08 14:13, By: dqtmg2, IP: []

L4: Annual recalculationGo to the Tab for “ARTICLES” at top, then choose Gordon’s (aka GFW’s) “ANNUAL RECALCULATION” Article. It explains an example for annual recalculation and usesa mid January recalculation date, and explains what interest rates could be used in the example of using that month as recalculation point. I did NOT notice the payment date being involved in the recalc choices for the two valid interest rates thatto be used.
What logic did you use last year? I ask that because Gordon had a 72T Setup worksheet available onthis site when I set up my first SEPP plan way back in early 2006.
Ken2015-10-10 03:22, By: Ken-VISA, IP: []