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L1: Timing of distributionI am setting up a new SEPP plan using the amortizaition method, single life (DOB 3/1959), first distribution in October using my IRA balance as of 9/30/2012. I plan on taking the full annual amount in October and not pro-rating.
What I am not clear on is if I can take my next distribution anytime during the next year (2013) or do I need to take it in October 2013. That as long as I stick to one annual payout (do not want monthly or quarterly) I am meeting the SEPP requirment.
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CEW2012-09-18 20:27, By: CEW, IP: []

L2: Timing of distributionShort answer … YES.
As long as you take the same total amount each year you’re OK. You may choose to change distribution frequency anytime as long as the annual total is the correct amount.
Jim F2012-09-18 20:35, By: Jim F, IP: []