investment change inside 72t account

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L1: investment change inside 72t accountAn amortization72t arrangement was established 9/04in one of several IRA brokerage accounts. Although I am considering the one-time change to life expectancy calculation, assuming the original 72t payment continues, does the tax code place anylimitations on making changes to the investments inside the 72t brokerage? For example exchanging one fund for another for better current yield?2009-03-24 15:55, By: doroco, IP: []
L2: investment change inside 72t accountThe one time change to the RMD method is just that… one time only. If you later decide that you aren’t getting enough money to live on, you cannot change the amount without busting the SEPP. Be very careful with this step.
There area fewlimitations as to what an IRA can invest in but for US mutual funds, stocks, and bonds, you can pretty much choose any that you want. Thereare no limitations on doing fund exchanges within the SEPP / IRA.
2009-03-24 21:41, By: Ed_B, IP: []