72t account change?

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L1: 72t account change? Can you make any changes in either the account or the management of it during the 72t 5 year window? If your unhappy with the portfolio manager or custodian are you just stuck for the 5 years? HELP?2014-11-21 00:00, By: RJ, IP: []
L2: 72t account change? You are not stick with either the investments or the custodian of your 72t IRA account. You can buy and sell in your IRA with no effect on your plan and you can transfer the entire IRA to a different custodian and then change your investments once the new custodian receives the IRA balance. There is a small amount of added risk if you only transfer a part of your IRA to another custodian, creating two IRA accounts when you started with only one. The IRS has busted a couple of those partial transfers, but left thousands of other undisturbed. A full transfer eliminates these questions. Do not let your IRA custodian makes threats that transfer of the account will bust your plan. It will not if you do it correctly. If you move the account, it is best to use direct trustee transfer, not a 60 day indirect rollover where you receive a check made out to you.2014-11-21 01:17, By: Alan S, IP: []