checking before changing annual withdrawal

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L1: checking before changing annual withdrawalin 2007 at age 50 I started my 72t SEPP & have maintained the same annual withdrawal to date. in july of this year I turned 60 & am now looking to lower my annual withdrawal amount starting january 1, 2018 via my government tsp account. am I good to just change the amount or is there something I should know before making the change? thanks for yourhelp.2017-11-14 16:57, By: Ken, IP: []
L2: checking before changing annual withdrawalYou no longer have a SEPP 72-T. Since you had it for 5 years, and you are now 60 (i.e. > 59 1/2), your SEPP 72-T terminated in January 2017 when you became 59 1/2.
You can take -0-, or any amount that you want to. It can be more or less than your previous annual amount.2017-11-14 20:36, By: dlzallestaxes, IP: []

L3: checking before changing annual withdrawalthank you!2017-11-14 21:11, By: Ken, IP: []