What is meant by “brokerage Custodial Account”

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L1: What is meant by “brokerage Custodial Account”Hello,
Thank you for this great website. I’ve scoured this website and it’s so detailed, I think I have everything I need to initiate an SEPP. (I’m good with numbers and rules, so that helps).
However, I do have one question? What is meant by the following (from Planning Pointers):
SEPP Custodial Account. Consider using a brokerage Custodial Account…
Is this just a terminology for a standard IRA from Schwab/Fidelity/TDAmeritrade…? or is it something special?
2014-03-07 15:44, By: yukhateeee, IP: []

L2: What is meant by “brokerage Custodial Account”Yes, brokerage just means you can buy and sell financial securities.2014-03-07 16:17, By: Scott, IP: []