72(t) for Medical Premiums with multiple years of unemployment?

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L1: 72(t) for Medical Premiums with multiple years of unemployment?Good morning, 72tnetters.
I have another questions about a 72t distribution. Has anyone had experience or heard of taking the withdrawals to pay medical premiums for more than 2 years?
I know you can take such a distribution if you’ve received unemployment for 12 weeks, for premiums for self, spouse, and dependents, and for the year after you were unemployed. What if you’re a 99’er and got unemployment for 2 years and then have a 3rd year where it’s the “year after”?
As I read the rules, it seems to me that 3 years of 72t withdrawals would be acceptable, but I haven’t really read anywhere that addresses this new wave of long-term unemployment.2011-02-28 17:41, By: Kathy, IP: []

L2: 72(t) for Medical Premiums with multiple years of unemployment?Very good question. 72(t)(2)D has a number of requirements and timing issues to juggle and take some planning.Two requirements that are locked in are that the IRA distribution and the health insurance premium payment must be in the same calendar year. But the consecutive 12 week UC requirement is not restricted to those same years. The 12week requirement can be satisfied in the same year or in a prior year than the distribution and premium payment. Sincethe 12 weekscan be satisfied in a prior year, this suggests that a continued claim up to 99 weeks can bridge 3 calendar years plus a 4th year after the UC payments have stopped.Other technicalities are not real clear. For example, if you find PT work that pays less than your UC, then reduced UC continues to bring your total up to about the same total as UC provided without employment. Limitations about finding work do not define how many hours must be worked to trigger the limitation. In addition, if you find work and UC stops and then you lose the new job, you may still have a 12 continuous UC claim from the first job loss. In that case, if the same claim is reinstated, it is not clear whether you need another 12 weeks.I agree with your conclusion that you have good reason to file a 5329 to claim this exception up to 4 years if the claim is continuous. But you must still time your distributions and premium payments each calendar year. This means that your premium installment set up must be coordinated properly with your distributions.2011-03-01 00:03, By: Alan S., IP: []

L3: 72(t) for Medical Premiums with multiple years of unemployment?Thanks. We did take money out in 2010 for the exact, down-to-the-penny amount
for premiums paid IN 2010. We want to do the same for 2011, and want to use the
‘year after’ for 2012, keeping distribution/premiums paid, again, in the same years.

I appreciate your feedback!2011-03-01 00:20, By: Kathy, IP: []