Monthly distributions in final year of SEPP

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L1: Monthly distributions in final year of SEPPMy DOB is 4/17/67. I initiated an SEPP plan beginning on 7/12/17. I am not treating the first year as a stub year (I am not pro-rating the first year). I am handling the withdrawals manually this year. Next year I will set up automatic monthly distributions (equal to 1/12 the full year amount) to occur on the 9th day of each month.
My question is how to handle the final year of the plan. The age 59.5 date is 10/17/2026 and first modification date is 10/18/2026. If I am taking monthly distributions in the final year, I will have received 10 by the first modification date. Do I need to add two more distributions to equal the full yearly amount or is it OK to pro-rate the final year?2017-10-05 00:21, By: MRMCA, IP: []

L2: Monthly distributions in final year of SEPPThe prorated distribution should cause no issues for you – it really only has to be watched in a 5 year plan. You have an age 59.5 plan.2017-10-05 01:25, By: Gfw, IP: []

L3: Monthly distributions in final year of SEPPOK, thanks. Just so I understand all my options_if I decided not to pro-rate the final year, would I need to take the full amount by my age 59.5 date or could I just continue the monthly withdrawals through the end of the year?2017-10-05 02:19, By: MRMCA, IP: []

L4: Monthly distributions in final year of SEPPAfter you reach the later of 60 months from the first distribution or 59.5, your plan ENDS. Since you will reach 59.5 after 60 months after YOUR FIRST distribution in your situation, you can take -0-, 100% of your balance, or any amount in between. The other explanation could not have been clearer.2017-10-05 05:13, By: dlzallestaxes, IP: []

L5: Monthly distributions in final year of SEPPThanks, although that last bit of commentary really wasn’t necessary.I am not an SEPP expert…just want to make sureI understand therules correctly to avoid any costly mistakes.
This site is a wonderful resource and Iappreciate all thehelp/input I’ve receivedfrom the experts out there.2017-10-05 14:04, By: MRMCA, IP: []