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L1: Finally ready to end 72TWith much help from this site, we have lived off our SEPP plans for years! We now expect to end the plans this year. This last step is a bit confusing to us, so your input would be reassuring.
Our facts:
My DOB: 3/6/54, wife: 8/17/53
Both plans began with annual pmts on 1/15/07
So,6 annual pmts were made (2007,08,09,10,11,12)
We both turn 59.5 this year, wife in Feb, me in Sept.
Is it true that we need take NO pmts this year at all? We don’t need the money, but don’t want to make any mistakes at the finish line.
In summary, the entire YEAR in which one turns 59.5 has no bearing, as long as 5 years worth of pmts have been received?
Thanks to everyone who made our early retirement possible!!!2013-01-04 06:31, By: IMadeIt, IP: []

L2: Finally ready to end 72TIn your final year you may do one of the following:
#1 Take full amount
#2 Take 9 monthy pro-rated payments
#3 Take nothing at all
Congratulations on your completion!2013-01-04 16:08, By: Scott, IP: []