In the spirit of “substantially equal”…

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L1: In the spirit of “substantially equal”…Do I have a problem? I’ve been religiously SEPP’ing away for the past 8 years, taking the same exact amount w/ no plan adjustments, andmy plan expiration is only 13 months away. I just started my tax returns and was shocked to see that my 1099-R showed that I tookroughly a two tenths of one percent larger distribution in 2008 (six bucks on a $52k draw) because one day’s interest made its way into my withdrawal. My bad for not looking more closely at my 1099-R or my account’s annual report until now. My IRA custodian is finding out why the interest made it’s way over during my distribution transaction, possibly because I did a “move all” transaction for what was visually the correct amount,and did not show the one day’s interest, since it all gets posted at month end. Lesson learned is to use actual dollar amounts, or know how the company’s software executes various commands.Be that as it may, is this any cause for concern? Thanks in advance for your insights.2009-04-01 19:08, By: John, IP: []
L2: In the spirit of “substantially equal”…Hello John:
I think you will be fine. Just continue as usual.
2009-04-01 20:36, By: TheBadger, IP: []