using 72T SEPP withdrawals for as income for a loan

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L1: using 72T SEPP withdrawals for as income for a loanI have a IRA with a balance of 415000. I want to set up a 72T SEPP. I am 53 years old. The reason that I want to start the payments is to qualify for a home loan. I retired at 46 and have been living off of rental income. Now I want to buy a new property and use monthly payments from my IRA via SEPP for the additional income required for the loan payments.
I have been turned down by 2 banks that don’t know what a 72T is and will not accept any documentation that I have provided them as a source of potential income to qualify for a loan. Some of this information is from this web site as well as the IRS web site.
I now have another bank that says that they know what this rule is and that I can use it as income for my loan. However, I have to provide the support to substantiate my claim that I can use this income as a SEPP without penalty. What can I give them as absolute proof that this is a source of income? Please provide me with any information that you have, i.e., statements or web site links. Particularly if you have anything from the IRS.
Please advise I will need to give the bank my back up by next week.
Thanks in advance.2017-01-06 22:27, By: CC, IP: []

L2: using 72T SEPP withdrawals for as income for a loanStrange that the bank says they know what the rule is, but need documentation to prove you can use the SEPP income without penalty.
Anyways, here is this from the IRS website:
Hope it helps.
By the way a lot of FA’s will say they know about 72(t), but what they really mean is they’ve heard of it.
Curious which bank are you working with, and if it would be possible for someone from their investment arm to talk to their mortgage side.  For example if a Merrill Lynch FA can talk to the BofA Mortgage Specialist, that way a person with a mortgages background isn’t trying to figure out 72(t) in a short period of time.
Edit: not allowed to post links. I used bing and type in IRS 72t. The second search result takes you to the IRS website with examples2017-01-07 04:16, By: brkr12002, IP: []

L3: using 72T SEPP withdrawals for as income for a loanThe bank will have the property as security. How much are the Gross Rents, Expenses, Depreciation, and Net Income ? How much is the Mortgage Principal part of the payments compared to the Depreciation, i.e. Net Income before Depreciation represents Cash Available for Principal payments. ( The Mortgage Interest and Real Estate Taxes are already in the Expenses.)
Then the bank needs to know your other sources of income vs your living expense budget.2017-01-07 05:15, By: dlzallestaxes, IP: []